Game for phone

The most popular genres

In order to make high-quality and profitable software, it is necessary to find out which genres and games are most often bought by users on Google Play and Play Market. Next, the most famous and launched directions will be presented.


MOBA is a symbiosis of real–time strategy, as well as action. Here the user gets the opportunity to control one character – a champion or a hero. His client chooses from a very extensive list initially proposed.

The meaning of the game is to assemble a strong team in order to destroy the enemy’s base, as well as protect their own territory. Bright examples are Bordufos:

Mobile Legends;
Arena of Valor;
In the computer version, Dota 2, Prime World and League of Legends can be attributed to a similar genre.

A competent choice of the genre in which to make an application for a smartphone / tablet is 50% of the success of the project. The next popular option is Battle Royal. It’s a combination of survival and exploration. In the process, a large number of players with minimal equipment gather. They help each other search for weapons and collect armor, as well as kill enemies.

The goal is to be the last survivor. The player here needs to compete with competitors, staying as long as possible in safe zones. The latter become smaller over time. The direction is popular among users aged 8-16.

Battle Royal


A puzzle can also achieve success. This genre is preferred by 50% of mobile platform users. Logic applications focus on simple to understand, but very difficult to master mechanics. They require a quick reaction and good intelligence.


One of the dominant areas in the market of games for tablets and smartphones. Casual games start easily. They can be left at any time and then come back from where the client finished. This allows you to spend small periods of time in the game.


The development of mobile applications in the MMORPG style is one of the most complex and promising areas. They are mainly represented by online games. Here:

there are RPG elements;
a large number of users are playing;
the goal is to level up the character (you need to raise the level of the hero) and his skills;
it supports the interaction of hundreds of accounts with each other simultaneously within the same world;
contacting is carried out taking into account the real-time mode.
Mobile MMORPGs are simplified computer versions. They do not require you to spend a huge amount of time studying the mechanics and features of projects.